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Daily News Montenegro

MemeBridge has extensive experience creating and managing reference sites.  That is our niche and our core competency.  We have dabbled in other niches, such as image sites or eCommerce, but we focus 90% of our efforts on what we know.

We recently started a project which really pushed us out of our comfort zone.  The project is Daily News Montenegro, an English-language news portal for expats, investors, tourists, and business people interested in the country of Montenegro.

Montenegro recently celebrated it’s fifth birthday as an independent nation.  The last five years have been a time of incredible growth for the nation, but the next ten years should far surpass them.  Montenegro is the fastest-growing tourist destination in the world.  The country of Montenegro possesses incredible natural beauty which is almost untouched by development.  In addition to the coastline of the Atlantic ocean, there is also the fantastic sheltered Kotor Bay and Lake Skadar — one of the largest lakes in Europe.  Right next to the water are the daunting black mountains for which Montenegro is named.  This winter I will visit Montenegro’s nascent ski resorts and report on their progress.

The site is taking of rapidly, due to significant support from my neighbors here in Montenegro.  They are promoting the site and the site is promoting Montenegro — it’s a win for everyone.

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