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Google Improves AdWords – Again

Google made another change to improve the AdWords program.

Previously, a site visitor could click anywhere in the AdSense block to activate an AdSense ad. This caused invalid clicks which artifically inflated AdSense publisher revenue and caused AdWords publishers to pay for clicks which would never lead to sales.

Google just change this behavior. Now, site visitors are only able to click on the title or URL in an AdSense ad block. This will result in far fewer invalid clicks. In the short term, this will reduce publisher revenue. We have seen a 10% drop in revenue due to this change. However, this will improve the RoI of AdWords publishers. In the long term, this will increase the reliability of the AdWords system and the revenue of AdSense publishers.

For a full write-up on these improvements, read Accidental clicks fade into the background at Inside AdSense.

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