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Ad Network for Firearm and Military Sites

Google has long used AdSense’s market dominance to enforce their fascist liberal agenda onto the web. AdSense’s enormous lead in market share has managed to successfully prevent other ad networks from starting up and being successful.

The “online ad network” market niche is one that leads to a “natural monopoly” — but a host of new companies is trying to change that. The strategy these companies are using is to “go niche”. They are using their extensive knowledge, experience, and contacts in specific market niches to nibble away at Google’s market share.

Hundreds of these startups exist, in every niche from heavy metal music, to hispanic sites, to ad networks designed just for homosexuals. These companies are competing head-to-head with Google — and some of them are winning.

PSClicks is an ad network focused on “first responder, shooting, and military ad content.” PSClicks isn’t competing with Google head-to-head — because Google has made a conscious choice not to support publishers in this niche.

If you build a web site in support of the Second Amendment, Google will not allow you to place AdSense ads on it. If you build a web site opposed to the Second Amendment, Google will allow you to monetize it with AdSense.

Google is not only opposed to the rights of individuals, they have also blocked AdSense from appearing on pages such as “Armed Forces of the World”. In plain terms, Google does not support the men and women who put their lives at risk to defend us all.

PSClicks has encountered an enormous amount of support from the community. They have signed up first rate advertisers such as FrontSight, ArmyNavyDeals, ChiefSupply, and CalibrePress. They have also signed up impressive publishers such as Paramedic.com, LawEnforcement.com, DefenseReview.com, UltimateNurse.com, AR15.com, GlockTalk.com, and ShotgunWorld.com.

With community support like this PSClicks is almost certain to do very well in this multi-billion dollar niche.

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