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AdSense is now an Unsupported Product

For the last few years, Google has been providing support to AdSense Publishers through the adsense-support@google.com mailbox.

Google provided no phone numbers or contact names, only this anonymous mailbox. Sometimes email was responded to, sometimes it wasn’t. AdSense support was dismal. AdSense was very nearly an unsupported product.

On 1 May of this year, the situation went from bad to worse. Google turned off adsense-support@google.com. If you email that address now, you receive this terse and confusing response:


Thank you for your message. Unfortunately, adsense-noreply@google.com is a
notification-only email address and does not accept incoming emails.

Our support team will not be able to receive or respond to your message.

For more information regarding the email you received, please visit our
Help Center:

Information on our program policies (
https://www.google.com/adsense/support/bin/topic.py?topic=8423 ) can also
be found there.

Thank you for your interest in Google AdSense.


The Google AdSense Team

Unfortunately, those two URL’s both lead to a series of completely unhelpful “help” screens.

Even worse, if you follow the excruciatingly awful path through the seemingly never-ending “help” screens, you are eventually able to leave a message — to which no one ever responds.

AdSense is now an unsupported product — and Google made this change without any public announcement.

As an AdSense publisher, I am responsible for tens of thousands of dollars a month in revenue to Google. This is not the level of support I am accustomed to receiving from my business partners. This is irresponsible and inconsiderate and I would complain to Google about it directly — if they would take my calls or accept my emails.

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