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bankable-insight-logoWe are launching a new project which we call BankableInsight. Bankable insight will cover economics and investment topics. The mission of BankableInsight will be to educate the general public on economic issues that affect their lives. On the site, we will publish articles designed to help people become better investors and better citizens.

There are a lot of investing blogs, but most are focused towards either professional investors or speculators. We are focusing BankableInsight towards personal investors who are serious about building their own wealth. Instead of focusing on just one type of investment, the site will cover all reasonable forms of investment. We will also write articles discouraging readers from becoming involved in investment scams such as ForEx and HYIP scams. We will avoid recommending specific stocks, but will instead show readers how to analyze stocks in which they wish to invest.

BankableInsight will also help readers understand the effects of government policies on their investments, from taxes and regulations to immigration and the federal debt.

Finally, we will also utilize the new site to share useful advice on saving money, because saving money is the first step towards investing.

This project will require major process changes here at MemeBridge, because we will be recruiting specialists from the fields of economics and investing to contribute to the blog. In addition, this project will involve significantly less “reference” content and more “newsy” content than most of our existing projects. This will require us to scale content development quickly in order to have a constant feed of new topics on the blog. Because the site will be more “blog” oriented and less “reference” oriented, it will also have to be promoted via social media more than through search engine optimization. These changes are certain to provide many learning opportunities for us at MemeBridge over the coming years.

Please visit our new blog, like it on Facebook, +1 it on Google+, and follow it on Twitter. Projects like these are incredibly difficult to get off the ground and your support will help provide motivation to the entire development team.

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