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Easy Cooking Guide

My wife loves to cook.  She makes seven course meals that require more planning than D-Day and use more different little pieces of “stuff” than the battleship Missouri. Half of the ingredients, I would not recognize if they were not labeled. The results are great, but the amount of time she invests into each creation is almost unbelievable.

Most people don’t have time for such luxuries, but they still want to eat well.  That’s why we’re creating the Easy Cooking Guide.  The purpose of the Easy Cooking Guide is to help people create dishes that taste good, but don’t require a significant investment in time and effort.

I believe that this is what most people are looking for.  Few of us want to become Martha Stewart, but most of us want to eat good meals without constantly going out to eat.  Eating out is nice, at times, but it is also expensive and time consuming.  With the governments new economic policies causing businesses to shut down and unemployment to skyrocket, Americans are not going to be able to afford to eat our nearly as frequently as they did in the past.  Home cooking is a great way to eat better — and usually healthier — on a limited budget.

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