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Google’s Lack of Political Humor

I am very tired of Google penalizing my political sites.  I have web sites in dozens of niches, but it’s only the political sites which get penalized by Google.  Google will probably penalize my other sites just for mentioning this.  <sigh>

Oddly, it’s not only serious political sites which Google censors.  Many years ago I built a site called Political Humor.  Well, Google apparently has no sense of humor when it involves making jokes about their influential friends in Washington.  Google penalized the site by dropping it to PR0 and removing it almost completely from the search results.

The site has been penalized so long that I didn’t bother to update it for the last presidential election.  Effectively, I allowed Google to silence my voice.  I feel terrible about this.  Yahoo and Bing have such tiny shares of the search market that they are almost irrelevant.

Instead, I must expand beyond search to route around Google’s secret censorship of the ‘net.  I will rebuild and update the site later this year — possibly on a new domain.  Then I will promote the site via social media such as Facebook and Twitter.  I will not let Google silence my voice.

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