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Mighty Guide

I am very pleased to announce the birth of a new web site, Mighty Guide.

Mighty Guide was created as a sort of “fresh start with an old friend” for us here at Free Internet Media.

We have been building static web pages with shared HTML includes for many years.  We built some small projects with WordPress, then we moved hard into Drupal.  Unfortunately, Drupal wasn’t everything we hoped it would be.  After a painful revaluation, we moved hard into Joomla.  Unfortunately, our ardor for Joomla was also short lived.

So, we’re back with our old friend WordPress once again.  MightyGuide will be a major web site, built around WordPress.  The site already has 231 articles (posts) in 23 categories — but this is only a start.

We will also be enhancing the articles that we have already placed on the site.  These enhancements will include graphics and video content, as well as improvements suggested by reader comments.

Comments and criticisms are very welcome, especially because we intend to invest heavily in the success of this web site.

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