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We’ve been testing with the idea of building “mini sites” — very small web sites designed to focus on just one topic.

These sites can work very well in the search engines, because most of the major engines give a boost to sites for their own domain names — if the domain has a com, net, or org extension.  Building a great website on proxy.biz or proxy.info won’t earn you a bonus from Google.

Here are a few of the sites we’re testing with: – helps people understand what this special IP address means and why it is used on their networking equipment.

Unix Download – Unix Download helps people quickly and easily find out where to download the best Unix distributions.

CPM Advertising – CPM Advertising helps people understand what CPM advertising is and what it can do for both advertisers and publishers.

How to Unblock Websites – How to Unblock Websites helps people understand how to work around censorship.

None of these are the greatest web sites ever created, but they are not meant to be.  They are meant to have a razor-sharp focus on one topic and to provide everything the visitor is looking for one that one topic.

The sites are running on WordPress, so we’re looking forward to comments from site visitors regarding how we can improve each site.  We started each site with the data we think people are looking for.  As each site matures, we hope the conversations with our site visitors will help us discover more of what they want to see on each site.

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