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Monster Guide

Monster Guide is one of our newest projects at Free Internet Media.

The concept for Monster Guide really grew out of frustration with one of our current projects, The Tech FAQ. The Tech FAQ suffers from two limitations: scope and format.

The Tech FAQ is limited in scope to tech topics. That is it’s niche, and inside of that niche it performs very well. We wanted to break out of that niche and help people with every day topics like How to Make Sushi, How to Write a Research Paper, or How to Grow Tomatoes.

The  other limitation of The Tech FAQ was format.  In a FAQ format, every article should be phrased as a question.  It’s a branding thing.  We wanted to be able to write articles that helped people, even if those articles weren’t responses to questions.  For Monster Guide, we’ve started with a lot of “How To” topics, but we aren’t limited to that.  We have more room to grow within the “Guide” format.

And with a name like “Monster”, we have quite a lot of room to grow.

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