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Web Sites for the New Economy

It’s no secret that the economy is tanking, and will not be recovering for many years.  Taxes are rising, which takes money directly out of the pockets of consumers.  The War on Global Warming will cost taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars and the cost of compliance with new government regulations will be dwarf even that.  The cost of servicing the national debt and other non-discretionary federal spending will soon leave little money for anything else.

However, as with all changes, this also brings opportunity.  Web publishers are quickly adapting to the new economy by creating web sites and web pages on how to receive government funds, how to deal with unemployment, and how to adjust to a lower standard of living than the one to which we have become accustomed.

Our own entries into this rapidly growing niche include Live Dirt Cheap and Homemade Guides.  These sites contain useful information to help people live better on the percentage of their money which the government allows them to keep.

I believe that this information will be useful even when the economy does eventually recover.  Financial conservatism is seldom a bad idea.  It helped our grandparents weather the last depression and it will help us weather the current one.

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