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AdSense is now an Unsupported Product

For the last few years, Google has been providing support to AdSense Publishers through the adsense-support@google.com mailbox.

Google provided no phone numbers or contact names, only this anonymous mailbox. Sometimes email was responded to, sometimes it wasn’t. AdSense support was dismal. AdSense was very nearly an unsupported product.

On 1 May of this year, the situation went from bad to worse. Google turned off adsense-support@google.com. If you email that address now, you receive this terse and confusing response:


Thank you for your message. Unfortunately, adsense-noreply@google.com is a
notification-only email address and does not accept incoming emails.

Our support team will not be able to receive or respond to your message.

For more information regarding the email you received, please visit our
Help Center:

Information on our program policies (
https://www.google.com/adsense/support/bin/topic.py?topic=8423 ) can also
be found there.

Thank you for your interest in Google AdSense.


The Google AdSense Team

Unfortunately, those two URL’s both lead to a series of completely unhelpful “help” screens.

Even worse, if you follow the excruciatingly awful path through the seemingly never-ending “help” screens, you are eventually able to leave a message — to which no one ever responds.

AdSense is now an unsupported product — and Google made this change without any public announcement.

As an AdSense publisher, I am responsible for tens of thousands of dollars a month in revenue to Google. This is not the level of support I am accustomed to receiving from my business partners. This is irresponsible and inconsiderate and I would complain to Google about it directly — if they would take my calls or accept my emails.

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The Best in Life

We at Free Internet Media like to think that we appreciate the best in life.  The best things, the best people, and the best experiences.

We’ve taken our hedonistic tendencies to new levels recently, with the launch of our new  web site, Best In Life.

Best In Life is a guide to the best of everything, from the best way to cook frozen shrimp to the best way to heal a cut to the world’s best hamburger recipe.

Our new portal to the best of everything has 131 pages so far, but we’re hoping to receive some feedback from you to help us find more of the best in life.  🙂

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Proxy Sites – Why We Support Them

Here at FIM, we have put a significant amount of time and effort into the proxy niche.

We operate a few proxies, such as A Bebo Proxy, but mainly we run proxy lists like Proxy Leech and @ Proxy.

Financially speaking, this is a horrible niche.  I think we’re spending more in terms of development and promotion than we’re earning in terms of revenue.  That doesn’t even consider the costs of hosting and of dealing with the ridiculously high levels of hacking attempts these sites endure.

These sites are very rewarding, however, in non-monetary terms.  Government organizations all over the globe are growing far too powerful.  They are forgetting that government only exists at the consent of the governed.

The founding fathers of the United States placed freedom of speech at the top of the Bill of Rights — even above the right to keep and bear arms.  They saw free speech as the most important right a free people, and I am inclined to agree with them.

Unfortunately, free speech requires a certain amount of anonymity.  It is simply not safe for many people to speak their minds when their opinions might disagree with those held by powerful governmental organizations.

I am not referring only to the mad mullah’s of Iran. Even in America, young people have been punished for speaking freely about events occurring in their public schools  and universities.  The United States government oppresses those most whom we entrust to their care.  It raises American children to believe that censorship is acceptable and that their opinions are not worthy of sharing. In government colleges and universities, students are punished for disagreeing with the propaganda being preached by their schools academic and administrative staff.

These people need to be opposed — both at home and abroad.  Free speech is important for everyone if we intend to live in a prosperous and peaceful world.  This is why we both operate and support proxy sites.